Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My Visit to Occupy Washington, DC

 A Marine buddy and I went to the Occupy Washington, DC event in McPherson Square today.  I had considered taking a dozen bars of soap with me to hand out, but decided on a fistful of CATO Institute versions of the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution instead.  I was surprised when I got to my buddy’s place that he had a backpack full of the same all individually wrapped in sandwich bags to ward off the rain.  Great minds . . . . .  So armed with our Constitutions we headed off to confront the Occupiers. 

This sign greeted us as we walked onto McPherson Square, apparently they don’t want to pay for anything:

 There were several flags on the square but no one seemed to be bothered by this:

In all fairness, after we pointed it out to one of the occupiers, he did fix it. 

This is Ms. Che (my name for her) as she seemed to be the sharpest knife in the drawer.  She was manning the Information Booth and I suspect that she knew exactly what we were up to.  She was wary when I spoke to her:

This is the Library.  When I asked the proprietor if he had a copy of the Constitution he said that he thought he did.  He seemed pleased when I offered him one.  He said he would take all that I had.  When asked if he had read it, he said “only parts” of it:

That was when I had one of several verbal exchanges with an occupier.  Another man had watched the exchange at the Library and I gave him a Constitution as well.  He asked me if I had heard about the Baltimore occupiers protest against Karl Rove Monday night.  He seemed proud that they had confronted Rove.  I told the grinning man that I had heard and I was disappointed in them.  He was speechless.  I pointed out that all of us had rights but his rights didn’t trump my rights.  He looked confused.  I explained that even Karl Rove had a right to be heard, just as he assumed that the Occupy movement had a right to be heard.  I think . . . I’m not sure . . .that I saw a light come on.  He clutched his Constitution and walked off. 

This caught our eye.  My Marine buddy dubbed it the “Cosmic Burger.”  Your guess is as good as mine. 

This sign proclaimed that the Occupiers were “Emissaries of Light.” I don’t know what that means. 

 We were only there for a few hours, but I have more to tell you . . . . .tomorrow.  


  1. When I was a little kid, we used to fantacize about everything being seems that some people's bodies grew but, their minds are still stuck someplace between 5 and 8 years old.
    I think the medical term for that is called "Failure to launch" as with birds that get pushed from the nest but, won't fly.

    As for Ms Che being suspicious of you, THAT is normal for socialist / communist types because they know they're peddling bullshit to idiots and, they know that you know it too. And the reception they give you is usually hostile in the hopes that you get away from them before they're stuck for an answer while others are watching.
    If you do manage to corner one with some debate, the tell-tale indicator that they've run out of canned answers will be,
    shouting at you to attract other moonbats who will begin chanting moronic slogans in order to end the arguement and escape answering.

  2. Sepp,
    Spot on analysis! You mean like your buddy mud PILE?

  3. Amigo,
    Good pics! You have more patience that I for sure. I wonder if you changed any minds. Bless you two for your efforts.

    The second and third pics answered ALL my questions about those vermin.

    The failure to teach American history in our schools and replace them with "studies" is why these protestors are rallying against the wrong institutions. We overtly fought communism for 70 years and our reward is to have it now within our perimeter because we declared victory 20 years ago.

    The next battle against communism is still yet to be fought.

  4. CS,

    I hope you saved the soap for yourself. Lots of really hot water and good strong soap.

  5. -Sepp,

    We talked to a number of them. I suspect that there were only a couple of hard core folks and that the preponderance of them were useful idiots.

  6. Hardnox,

    No doubt they were all victims of the public school system.

  7. Tenth,

    I kept my distance. On my drive up the radio was full of stories about lice, ring worm, and other maladies that were breaking out among the various sites.

  8. good that you tried to educate some blind leftists... but I fear most have been taught in schools and by media on moral relativism and their brains are drug addled and mushy they cannot be saved...

    may the center/right prevail in our battle to restore America and the dregs of society aka leftist fringe aka occo-pooopers all burn out, fade away and overdose...


  9. Lisa,

    Thanks for the visit. Take heart - did you see that the Conservative Party just won an overwhelming victory in Spain?

    We rocked the liberals back two weeks ago here in Virginia.

    It can be done. Good luck!