Thursday, November 3, 2011

At the Dentist

I started off Wednesday at the dentist.  After that your day can only go up – right? 

The lady who tortures my gums and teeth for 45 minutes knows I’m a Republican as does my Dentist.  We generally talk about whatever topic is in the news.  Yesterday with my mouth wide open and the television on the news, my hygienist remarked about the news that Bank of America had backed away from the plan to charge debit card holders a flat fee.  Scrape, scrape, scrape, “You know my bank, Sun Trust tried to do that too and it made me angry” she said, scrape, scrape, rinse.

That’s when it hit me just how evil and diabolical democrats (socialists, progressives, liberals, whatever) really are.  Here is an educated woman probably a few years younger than I who is mad at Sun Trust bank for something that Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, and in particular Dick Durbin did to her and everyone else in the nation. 

I explained the outrages of Frank-Dodd to her and in particular how Dick Durbin had fundamentally changed the relationship between the consumer, the bank, and the retailer.  She said “Now that you have explained that, everything that Sun Trust is doing makes sense.”  She related that the bank was offering a “free” debit card and “free” checking as long as she maintained a balance of $3,000.00 in her checking account.  What a deal. 

Thanks Barney, Chris and Dick I hope you all burn in hell.  At least now you have one pissed off dental hygienist to deal with.  I’m going to find someone else tomorrow, I promise.  


  1. Readers,

    A friend who read this added an interesting wrinkle by e-mail and I quote:

    "I would add one thing to what you wrote: the dispute between the consumers and the bank has been or is being resolved without any government rules or regulations. It was solved simply by the fact that 1) Other banks and agencies offered better services, and 2) the customer threatened to take their business elsewhere.

    A true free-market solution. It works."

    He's right; the Free Market is resolving the body blow that Barney, Chris, and Dick delivered.

  2. Yes, but we should still tar and feather Dodd, Frank and Durbin, plus a few others.