Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Remember McCarthy was right

As Congressman Peter King (R-NY) approaches Congressional hearings on the activities of radical Muslims in the United States, the left is turning up the volume on their hysteria bullhorn.  Increasingly liberals (progressives, democrats, socialists, whatever) and radical Muslims are accusing Rep. King of being a modern day McCarthy.  One can only hope that he is as successful as Senator Joseph McCarthy was in exposing traitors. 

If you are a victim of the public school system virtually everything you think you know about Joe McCarthy is wrong.  Senator Joe McCarthy was a rising star in the Republican Party and began to expose Communists in the Federal government as no one was doing anything about it.  It was well known that particularly the State Department was riddled with communists.  Similarly we have been getting slapped by radical Muslims for over two decades now and it took the barbarism of 9/11 for us to finally do something about it.  However the political correct pantywaists still refuse to directly address the source of the problem – I hope Rep. King by shining the light of day on radical Islam will fix this problem. 

The charges of McCarthyism were inevitable because the left knows that most people don’t know what really happened and it is their typical hate-speech that works.  McCarthy did make some mistakes that if King is alert, he can avoid. 

First – keep your staff in check.  McCarthy had a fairly modern view on diversity and had hired a flamboyant lawyer who was also gay.  Roy Cohn became infatuated with a young man named David Shine on McCarthy’s staff.  When this man was drafted into the army Cohn used the power inherent in his position as McCarthy’s lead attorney to attempt to influence Shine’s assignments by threatening army officials.  For Rep. King:  Keep your staff corralled and focused. 

Second – some people are not bad guys, they’re just stupid.  McCarthy attacked Secretary of State George Marshall as a closet communist.  More people fell under the boot of communism while Marshall was at State than at any other time.  Marshall got some incredibly bad advice primarily because there were a variety of very well placed and influential communists throughout the State Department.  Marshall’s repeated boneheaded moves seemed to McCarthy to be circumstantial evidence of his politics, in retrospect Marshall was what Lenin referred to as a “useful idiot.”  For Rep. King:  Don’t attack popular famous people unless you really have your ducks in line. 

Third – wave off from attacking popular institutions.  McCarthy strapped on the army.  It wasn’t the army’s finest hour.  There were some serious lapses in security and the army closed ranks to essentially cover it up.  We now know that McCarthy was right, but President Eisenhower didn’t see it that way at the time.  Being abandoned by the head of the party didn’t turn out well for McCarthy who gradually lost the support of his fellow Republicans (it wasn’t their finest hour either).  For Rep. King:  There are plenty of bad guys out there, pick your battles wisely. 

Fourth – it is going to get lonely out there.  The viciousness and the complete disregard for the truth on the left will lead to unrelenting and sustained attacks.  Very few Republicans are going to be able to stand in the heat if Rep. King starts to lose the public relations battle.  McCarthy found himself alone and under constant fire.  For Rep. King:  You are going to be lonely and you have to be tougher than woodpecker lips. 

To find out how vicious the left can be one simply has to review recent history with the way the left incessantly attacked George Bush and of course the vicious animals in Wisconsin are a current example.  Representative Peter King is about to walk directly into the lion’s den.  I wish him well. 

We know now with the help of release of the Venona files (the decoding of Soviet diplomatic cables), Soviet KGB files, and other studies that there were far more communists in our government than even McCarthy imagined. The democrats who attacked McCarthy were guilty of the vilest treason.  The Republicans who couldn’t stand in the heat near the end were cowards.  As it turned out, the only victim of McCarthyism was Senator Joseph McCarthy. 

Give them hell Representative Peter King – you are the man and this is the hour.  

Blacklisted by History: The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy and His Fight Against America's Enemies           Venona: Decoding Soviet Espionage in America (Yale Nota Bene)


  1. Amigo,

    Another excellent post.

    We can only hope that congressman King has guts and like you said, the smarts to shine the light.

    The left wraps itself in patriotism, as was the case in the immediate aftermath of 9-11, then once safe the left once again begins to vilify the protectors.

    Sadly, the "enlightened" (self-described) Left simply cannot capture the essence of a threat (unless it comes from the Right). There is an old German expression "if stupidty hurt some people would be screaming all day".

  2. Stupidity does hurt, just not the stupid ones. I scream at my TV every day because of stupid liberals.

    As for Congressman King, we need to support him if he has any chance of revealing the true nature of Islam. The "Religion of Peace" has been spread by the sword since day one. It is absolutely unbelievable that anyone thinks Islam is a good thing.