Friday, March 11, 2011

New American Hero

I loved every minute I saw of Doctor Zuhdi Jasser’s testimony in front of the Congressional Committee on Islamic terror.  However I find it a bit disquieting to have a devout Muslim providing a treatise for our government about the government that Christianity gave us.  Doctor Zuhdi Jasser a medical doctor and president and founder of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy appears to know more about American history, culture, and the Constitution than all of the Democrat Representatives on the committee combined.   Dr. Jasser knows more about our Constitution and American values than our current President who is purported to be a “Constitutional scholar.”  Bravo Dr. Jasser. 

I also learned today that Representative Sheilia Jackson Lee (Socialist – TX) is a bigger moron than I had originally thought.  Frankly – I didn’t think that was possible.  

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades)           Pocket Constitution (Text from the U.S. Bicentennial Commission Edition)


  1. Amigo,

    Good post. I too saw the good doctor's testimony. I felt as you did.

    BTW, the Demmerhoids own the franchise on STUPID. They reclaim it each and every day.

  2. I look at some of them and think "You have got to be kidding me - someone voted for him/her?!?"

  3. Amigo,

    I too have thought that many times and then I remember that these morons are the "best" from their respective voting districts. Scary isn't it?

  4. To repeat myself from over on Hardnox site, in order for these people to be stupid, they'd have to wise up.