Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Can we raise the Jobless rate by one?

I can’t get my arms around why Ben Bernanke still has a job.  This guy has been merrily running around rearranging the deck chairs on the sinking ship that is our economy for nearly six years.  When is someone going to recognize that Ben is more than a little responsible for at least a chunk of our current problems?  My personal opinion is that he is making things worse. 

There are almost 310 million people in this country and we can’t find a better person to be the Federal Reserve Chairman than Ben Freaking Bernanke?  Canada’s banking system didn’t go into the crapper when ours did.  They speak a kind of English in most of Canada – can’t one of them come down here and unscrew the Fed? 

I realize that Bernanke might be the only one in the Obama administration that hasn’t either cheated on his taxes or written a column for Pravda – but seriously – can’t someone step up to the plate and take that job?  Why don’t we give Bernie Madoff a shot at it?  He might not do any better with our Federal Reserve System than he did with his own business.  But if Madoff could do to China and Japan what he did to his former customers – I think the world would be better off in the long run. 

There are fourteen million people in the United States who are unemployed right now.  Why don’t we have a lottery for Ben’s job?  The winner of the lottery will get a crack at fixing the Fed.  I’m having a hard time believing that they would do any worse.  If that works, we can have a lottery for Vice President - he's not doing anything anymore. 

The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Federal Reserve 


  1. How could we possibly replace such a fine public servant as Joe Biden? The man IS Washington, DC. As for him doing nothing, who do you suppose is really pulling Obama's strings?

    On the other hand, I believe my 6 year old could do a better job than Bernanke. My neighbor is a dump truck driver and owner of a (small) fleet of trucks. In the past two years he has sold two trucks and let three drivers go. I would think a guy with a dump truck could get involved in some shovel ready job, woulkdn't you? But apparently, Obama's money hasn't reached our small, out of the way, corner of the country.

  2. Joe must have heard you. He went to a meeting today but was uncharacteristically silent. No gaffs. That is amazing.