Thursday, March 3, 2011

I’m having a Nightmare

I was listening to Mark Levin’s radio show the other day about Michelle Obama romping around extorting money from our government and twisting the arms of businesses to conform to her whacky ideas.  Yeah, yeah, I know it would be better if everyone was slimmer – I get that part.  But based on the performance of the government in other areas if they try to make us skinnier we are all probably going to look like refugees from a Stalinist Gulag or more likely balloon up to monstrous proportions on black market Twinkies and Snickers bars.  But that wasn’t what my nightmare was about. 

Think about it – the last time we had a woman of modest accomplishment and limitless ambition in the White House who jumped wholesale into the operation of part of the government and was trapped in a marriage with a buffoon . . . . . that woman came back, and back, and back.  She first leapt into the Senate and now she’s romping around the world on the taxpayer’s dime.  Of course the woman (who was also a lawyer) was Hillary and the buffoon was Bill Clinton. 

Hey Illinois – you better find someplace else for Barack and Michelle Obama to live in 2013 or you are likely to have a “Senator Obama” again.  And we know what a disaster that was for everybody in the case of former First Lady Clinton.  Come to think of it – Senator Barack Obama didn’t do much for Illinois either – he was too busy running for President. 

I just can’t shake that vision of Senator Michelle Obama (Socialist – IL) pontificating about health and making me subsist on nuts, berries, and bark.  I can see the headlines now:

Obama Bill Passes, McDonalds outlawed”
“Outback-Obama pact replaces Beef with Tofu Patties”
“Baskins and Robbins ditches dairy for Obama mandated Soy Ice Cream” 

Then after she destroys the food industry and we have forgotten how miserable we were under a Democrat President and elect another one – you guessed it – Secretary of Defense Michelle Obama.  Her first order of business will be to fix “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” permanently by requiring all military members to be bi-sexual. 

I’m glad I retired.  

Culture of Corruption: Obama and His Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks, and Cronies 


  1. too! Mine was Zero being re-elected because the Republicans failed to nominate a Conservative...then I woke up. It was awful I tell you...absolutely awful.

    back to the topic... yes the Moocher as senator would be a disaster. When Zero goes down in a ball of flames politically she will spattered with the same manure.

  2. Barks not so bad, but after the one time I was forced to drink soy milk I will fight to the death before I do that again. As for a recurring Obama nightmare - what took you so long? I've been having them for about 3 years, even when I'm awake.

  3. Do you think Michelle calls Barack "Zero?" Or something worse?

    I wish I knew what Hillary calls Bill.

  4. I heard she calls him "That son of a bitch" much like the rest of us.

  5. I'd gladly eat a full course meal of rocks and Georgia Mud, twice a day for the rest of my life, if what we eat, was the only thing that the Obamas destroyed.

  6. Excellent point, Mr. Stupidity. Having eaten from many a Navy mess line, I'm sure I could stomach that diet.