Thursday, October 21, 2010

VFW Betrayal

Dear VFW, 

I am a life member (#XXXXXXX) though admittedly I have not been an active member of the VFW.  I was scandalized and embarrassed recently when I discovered that the VFW has endorsed Congressman Gerry Connolly (Virginia 11th District).  While it is true that Connolly has done some military and veteran friendly acts, he is one of the many committed socialists who are busy destroying the country.  I can’t even get my arms around the concept of a patriotic organization like the VFW endorsing a lying weasel like Connolly for any office much less Congressman.  Did you guys actually talk to his opponent Keith Fimian?  I understand the single focus of the VFW, however someone up there must have the vision to see what committed leftists like Connolly are doing to the country.  What possible difference can it make that Connolly threw us a couple bones while he was busy torching the country we love?  

Conservative Victory: Defeating Obama's Radical Agenda 


  1. Get use to it. These days the vfw can't attract nothing more than good old boy bubba's top to bottom in leadership. Its an insult to those who served in the military. It is highly political and its phonies have turned many veterans off. I was embarrassed to even be asked if I belonged. A few good old boy weaklings manage to wiggle their way to the top and do they know how to sell their biased propoganda which would embarrass any flunky used car salesman. They will use anything or anybody to paint themselves positive. They will tell you want you want to hear but watch your backside. 98% of active members are very decent but, just roll with the flow. The highly opinionated rulers ruin it for everybody. Anybody thinking the vfw is on par with the honorable military couldn't be any more wrong. It's like comparing night to day. I wouldn't recommend it to any veteran because they deserve much better than the vfw.

  2. Anonymous,

    This story actually had a good ending. The VFW PAC - which is associated with but not financially supported by the membership - made the endorsement. The VFW directed that the PAC withdraw their endorsement and when the PAC refused - the VFW leadership disbanded the PAC.