Sunday, October 10, 2010

Up-date Your Resume Gerry

The Honorable Gerald Connolly,

On Saturday night you and I were at the same church event.  I knew you were coming, but had no plans to seek you out.  You approached me and thrust out your hand.  You can’t possibly imagine what was going through my mind.  The most polite thing that I could think of saying was what I did say.  Yes I am the guy who winked at you, shook your proffered hand and said “Up-date your resume.”  You stumbled through something about that being “impolite especially at a church event” and walked off.  I’m certain you have heard worse and if not you should.  I do not apologize as I know that you haven’t had even a second thought for me throughout your entire time in the United States Congress.  As you have run roughshod over the Constitution, savaged the economy, and pilfered the treasury while mortgaging my grandchildren’s legacy – you have been more than just “impolite” to me, my family and this Nation. 

I would have loved to have the opportunity to discuss economics, public policy, the Constitution, or the blessings of liberty endowed by our Creator instead – all things that you have evidenced no knowledge of or respect for in the last two years.  But we little people don’t get to hobnob with the ruling class of the Democrat party.  We are expected to sit back and take what you dish out.  No doubt that is what you expected Saturday night just another adoring crowd of tax serfs. 

Your 97% voting record with Nancy Pelosi is the reason why you need to up-date your resume.  Time to stop feeding at the public trough and try and get along like the rest of us in the economy you helped destroy.  Now you are painting yourself as an “Independent.”  Why don’t we meet?  You could lecture me on my manners and I could help you out with telling the truth.  Who do you think has more to learn? 

November is coming. 

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