Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Look for the Flag

Some of us are volunteering during this season to deliver campaign signs or walk neighborhoods to knock on doors.  While both sides are doing it, my particular experience is in support of Republican candidates.  And yes, it is a lot more fun this year.  Recently those of us who are delivering Wittman, Wolf, and Fimian signs compared notes with the folks who are knocking on doors for those same candidates.  

I turned onto a street the other day guided by my GPS, but the flag pole proudly flying an American flag was a giveaway to which house had requested the Republican sign.  A few blocks later, sure enough, the American flag house had called for a Republican sign.  I did run into an exception recently.  My destination home was flying a Gadsen flag (“Don’t Tread On Me”).  Walking neighborhoods recently gleaned similar results.  American flag = polite Republican.  Talking with my fellow Republicans, their experience mirrored mine.  I’m not saying that people who don’t fly American flags aren’t friendly or proud Republicans – frequently they are.  

Certainly this particular poll isn’t as scientific as Rasmussen or Gallup, but it seems pretty consistent.  It’s hard not to draw some conclusions from that observation.  If a house is flying a Redskins flag you would assume that the occupant is a fan of that football team.  If you don’t exhibit Redskins paraphernalia that doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t like the Redskins, but the level your devotion might be questionable.   Likewise not flying an American flag isn’t evidence that you don’t love America.  However we also have the phenomena that there are many people who profess love for America but are decidedly bad Americans.  Congress is just over half full of them right now – but not for long.   

November is coming.  

To Save America: Stopping Obama's Secular-Socialist Machine 

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