Friday, October 8, 2010

The Party of “No”

I am reaching out to the lady who called claiming to be a “life-long Republican” who is now furious at the “Party of No.”  I listened politely to your rant and then you hung up.  I didn’t get to ask you – “What would you have had those Republicans in Congress vote “Yes” on?”   Indeed what would any freedom loving, constitution abiding, fiscally responsible American have voted “yes” on?  

Should Republicans have voted for the failed Stimulus Bill?  You know - the one that sucked the life out of the economy, didn’t create any jobs, and kept us languishing in economic malaise? 

How about that $446 Billion Omnibus Bill that was a leftwing wish list of pork projects that further put our children’s children deeper in debt?  Should Republicans have gotten behind that travesty? 
How about Cap & Trade, a massive wealth-destroying tax program designed to cripple Western economies to solve a nonexistent problem (Global Warming)?  Should Republicans have put more of us out of work for that outrageous measure? 

Then there was Health Care.  Democrats merrily marched that forward while an overwhelming majority of the American people were screaming “No!”  Should Republican legislators have listened to their constituents or the lunatics on the left?  

The only legislation that Americans don’t hate yet is the financial regulation.  No one knows enough about that, but given this administration’s track record, we’ll hate that too.  I guess Pelosi had to pass it before we could hate it.  

For nearly two years our Dear Leader and his henchmen have rammed through one ridiculous measure after another while millions languish in unemployment.  They professed all the time that unemployment was their first priority even though they haven’t done anything to address unemployment.  Should Republicans have supported that approach?  

The fact is that with huge majorities in both houses it didn’t make any difference what the Republicans said because Democrats didn’t have to pay attention.  They gleefully ignored all of the warnings from more mature minds.  Indeed the only meaningful bi-partisan movements within Congress for the last two years have been against the current administration.  Isn’t bi-partisanship the Holy Grail of the liberal?  

Lady, I say “Thank God for the Party of No.”  The economic destruction caused by socialism is only a mystery to liberals – the Republicans who said “No” are now pointing out that they told them so.  Remember in November.  

Conservative Victory: Defeating Obama's Radical Agenda 

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