Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Why we need Fox News

I was stuck in the car for quite some time today. The station that I was listening to was the local ABC Talk/News station though it carried the Sean Hannity radio show. Every 30 minutes today Charlie Gibson and the ABC news came on. The principle message about Attorney General Eric Holder’s appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee today was that he had everything under control and America had plenty of experience prosecuting terrorists. We heard a number of articulate audio sound bites from Holder. However when Hannity came on he ran the audio of Senator Lindsey Graham questioning a stuttering and flustered Holder on the consequences and justification for bringing foreign terrorists into the United States for trial. The difference in the message and the impression it left was astounding. Holder can’t justify his actions and the way he arrived at the decision makes no sense at all.

Would we know anything at all without Fox News and Talk Radio? I think not.

Conservative Resistance Day – 380
Days without a Commander-in-Chief – 81

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