Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I can’t watch the news today

In Afghanistan seven United States troops were killed yesterday, but the news today is full of nothing but Michael Jackson’s funeral and the impending swearing in of Al Franken as a US Senator. What a travesty.

Every one of those soldiers is worth more to this nation than Michael Jackson was. They were better citizens and have now made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. We don’t have to contemplate whether they were guilty of horrible crimes against children – rather they were the best we had to offer. They probably couldn’t have made a living as a singer or a dancer, but how is that more important than being a patriot?

Anyone of them would have grown up to be a better legislator than Al Franken. Had their lives not been cut short in the service of their country they might not have gone into politics, but they would have continued to serve their nation as nearly all veterans do. Al Franken has mocked their service I’m sure and he will continue to fail to appreciate those who have defended his right to spew garbage that passed for humor. They deserved a much better custodian of their Nation than Al Franken.

I’m sad for a country that skipped over the deaths of Ed McMahon (former US Marine) and Karl Malden (US soldier in WWII) to fawn over a man who was a pederast, who disfigured himself, and who cut his life short with drug abuse. This orgy of grief for a human train wreck is unbecoming of our Nation and the wall-to-wall coverage is irresponsible of our media.

Conservative Resistance – Day 246

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