Monday, July 13, 2009

Finally - a good speech overseas

Dear President Obama,

I watched your speech in Africa (a continent that loves America for what President George W. Bush did there) and it was one of your best. I don’t say that because of your skill with the teleprompter, but rather it hit right at the core of the very real problems in Africa – bad governments.

As you stated, the “West” is not responsible for the horrible governments, vicious warfare, desperate poverty, or the widespread nepotism in Africa. Africans are responsible.

Some of the points that you made in Ghana are lost on your own party at home – indeed as you stated “development depends on good governance” you should point that out to your co-conspirators in Washington D.C. Certainly the problems behind the destruction of Chicago, a once great city are all due to the lack of “good governance” and the ingrained nepotism that you warned Ghanaians to avoid. Indeed we have been pouring billions in aid into Africa for decades and that economic stimulus package only served to make despots rich and mire African nations in misery – very similar to results of your own stimulus package.

I actually agree with all four of your points for Africa and wish that you would give this speech to our own Congress:

1. You said - Democracy “is about more than just holding elections. It's also about what happens between elections.” We didn’t elect you king so you and your fellow democrats shouldn’t run the country like we did.

2. You said - Support for “development that provides opportunity for more people.” When talking to Africans you sound almost like a free marketer – how about remembering that when you come home?

3. You said - “America can also do more to promote trade and investment.” You sound like a free-trader here – as you should. Get the government out of the middle of trade and businesses will flourish.

4. You said - “It is never justified, never justifiable to target innocents in the name of ideology.” Does it include the slaughter of innocents in the womb (40,000,000 and still counting) or just post-birth Americans?

Pardon me if I am astounded that you can point Ghanaians in the right direction, while you Congress run rough-shod over our Nation. Your government is not the solution – it’s the problem.

Sincerely Yours,

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