Friday, July 24, 2009

Health Care - First Do No Harm

The Honorable James Webb and Mark Warner,
I suspect that even the most ardent supporter of President Obama and the most enthusiastic proponents of government run Health Care must have been deflated by the absurd presentation by the President on Wednesday night. I am not a fan – but even I couldn’t believe how badly the President performed. I am actually pleased in that Americans are finally getting a solid look at how destructive his policies would be for the United States. Virginians do not want you messing with our Health Care. If anything, you should be finding ways to pull the government back from interference with the free market delivery of quality, affordable Health Care.
If you want to drive down the cost of Health Care, focus on tort reform. Catch and prosecute those who defraud Medicare and Medicaid. Jail politicians who collude with profiteers and provide sweet deals to donors. Repeal government mandates on insurance companies and hospitals. Require all persons treated at tax payer expense to prove that they are citizens or legal immigrants.
If you decide to do none of these positive things to improve the delivery and cost of Health Care – then at least do no harm. The President is wrong – doing nothing would be infinitely preferable to following some ridiculous hodge-podge that Congress will piece together. Remember the (Non)Stimulus Package? If that is the best you guys can do – you should go on vacation early and often. You absolutely shouldn’t mess with Health Care.
Lastly – all of those countries that the President admires for their health care – remember, when those people get really sick – they come here to get well. What does that say about our system and theirs?
Sincerely Yours,

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