Thursday, July 23, 2009


Dear President Obama,
I watched every minute of your Press Conference on Wednesday night. The most interesting thing about it did not concern health care, but rather the statements you made about the arrest of Professor Gates. As the truth comes out today, you appear to be nothing short of the bully-in-chief. You owe an enormous and unequivocal apology to Sergeant James Crowley and the entire Cambridge Police Department. To take the opportunity of a Press Conference to discredit a police officer for which the union provided its "full and unqualified support” is astonishing. It appears that rather than an innocent, Gates acted like a common street thug and as Sergeant Crowley pointed out Gates “controlled the outcome of that event.” Oddly enough I was pulled over by the police yesterday. I can tell you, I was polite and I cooperated with the officer. He determined that my actions behind the wheel were appropriate. If I had insulted that policeman’s mother, refused to offer up my driver’s license, followed him back to his police car while yelling at him – I would expect him to have cuffed me and arrested me – end of story. For you to descend into a treatise on race given that facts about Gates’ action - was absurd.
Sincerely Yours,

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