Sunday, January 29, 2012

So exactly what did we learn from Mitt Romney’s Taxes?

Well, as I suspected the revelation of Mitt Romney’s taxes was underwhelming.  After all, he’s a Republican so unlike his Democrat (Socialist, Progressive, Liberal, whatever) adversaries there was little chance of there being anything illegal or untoward there.  However it really illuminated some interesting facts listed by Gary Dettloff and Michael Hamrick in The Washington Times at “Romney’s taxes are good news for America; IRS forms present a hardworking, disciplined charitable candidate.”

I recommend you read the article but one point particularly stands out:

"Mr. Romney gave more to charity than he paid in taxes. That is a rare thing, indeed. He gave away more than $7 million to his church and other charities. He paid more than $6.2 million in federal taxes.”

Please compare that with the charitable contributions of Barack Hussein Obama before stepping into the public eye and the remarkable increase (though still paltry by comparison) in giving when he started to run for President.  Or Joe and Jill Biden’s paltry giving that averaged $369.00 a year for the ten previous years before he ran for VP.  Of course that far outstripped Al Gore’s contribution of $353 in 1997. 

I went back and reviewed my family’s giving and I misspoke, we have given nearly 15 times more than the Bidens on average on a smaller income.  No wonder liberals want to squeeze more out of us – they can’t conceive that anyone would actually give of their own free will to the poor or disadvantaged. 

Romney’s giving is Christian charity.  The IRS redirecting my income to others is theft. 


  1. I hate to do it, but I agree with you that Mitt is a good fellow. I am a lot disgusted by Newt's attacks on capitalism, even though I don't admire the way Mitt made his money (sometimes). I agree with Santorum, and I hope he rises to the top while Mitt and Newt attempt to castrate each other.

    My own charitable giving is not even kept track of. I don't believe in getting a receipt to prove I did the right thing. And most of my charity is given with my back and brawn, not my wallet (an impossibility in Obamanomics.)

  2. Thanx fo posting this, CS. For all the negative about MR, this is indeed telling. Like TGP, we don't claim giving either. Look at our taxes for the last 10 years and you will only contributions to the local EMT services. The rest we don't even get receipts either.

    As for your final thought ... isn't there something WORSE than than mere theft going on here? Yep, it's called robbery! (theft does not include "force" in the exercise of control over another's property). haha, or maybe it isn't all that funny.

  3. Good post,CS. Another thing that stands out here,is Mitt,UNLIKE a HUGE number of the poltroons that make up the polished turd's administration,Mitt ACTUALLY PAID his tax bill.As to charitable giving,I don't keep track either. Do that because it's RIGHT,not just a tax write-off.

  4. All,

    I admire your selfless generosity. I am motivated to give by my Christian faith and Conservative nature. I keep track as I don't want the government on my list of charities. They get what I absolutely have to give them - not a penny more.