Monday, January 9, 2012

Republicans to the Rescue

I frequent a convenience store not far from my home.  I go there because I am currently boycotting 7-Elevens because they use Citgo (Venezuelan) gasoline.  Further, this local store is owned and operated by a very nice couple from India.  They are polite, appreciate my business, and I prefer my money go to hardworking local small business owners.  I also have breakfast in the little diner run by immigrants from Greece that sits across from the International House of Pancakes for the same reason. 

The Indian couple has had a rough road for the last four years and we commiserate often about the business downturn.  This visit I was able to report a bit of an up-tick in my own business.  It wasn’t big and it was offset by some vandalism and theft, but it was a bit of progress.  The lady and her husband looked happy for me.  I told them that I expected that once a Republican victory in 2012 becomes increasingly likely, business will pick up at an increasing pace.  My Indian lady-friend responded that all the Republicans were doing was fighting. 

I asked her “Isn’t it remarkable that when Obama could do anything he wanted to do, our economy deepened its dive and got steadily worse?  But now that the Republicans are blocking Obama from implementing more outrages on our economy, we are starting to see it recover as bit.”   I think she got it. 

The fact that six successive years of George W. Bush were pretty damned good until Nancy Pelosi grabbed the Speaker’s gavel is at least prima facie evidence that government by adults is much better than the alternative.  A sick economy under Bush became an economy in serious decline under Barack Hussein Obama.   For two full years Barack had it his way all the time and ran roughshod over the will of the American people.  Well that changed in 2010.  John Boehner may not be Ronald Freaking Reagan, but he’s starting us on the long road back. 

We need to get John some help in 2012. 


  1. CS,

    I agree in principle, but I'd like to get him a replacement. Not as the CongressCritter from Ohio, but as Speaker. I'd love to see Speaker West. Boehner does not strike me as a leader, and everyone [with any sense] knows West is a leader.

  2. While I agree,CS,we need to get more r's in there,it is Boehner HIMSELF that needs to see the light. HE does NOT have to cave EVERY time the going gets tough as far as what the damned media is saying. Look,the r's are going to get the blame no matter WHAT they may or may not do,so he may as well do what is RIGHT instead of politically expiedient. Just MHO.

  3. Amigo,

    First off I am proud to inform you that our local citizen's boycott bore some fruit. Our local station no longer sells Citgo gas.

    I applaud you for patronizing the little guy. I do my share whenever I can, and usually it's a better experience.

    There's no question that since the R's got in control of one-third of the government the wrecking ball has slowed-down a bit.

    I'll agree with Tenth and Clyde, Boehner needs to be shown the ex-speaker's door. I wouldn't mind West in that slot but that is just a dream. Boehner, is a good guy but I think he's part of the club and therefore has trouble seeing the forest because of the trees.

    That said, we need a GOP Senate to aid in the process. Whoever the GOP prez will be (hopefully Perry), he will need all the help he can muster.

    The wreck that Obama and the left has caused will be tough to remedy. The media will scream foul at every turn to hamper their success.

    Memo to the next president: shut out every liberal news outlet until they learn to play fair.

  4. Tenth,

    West for Speaker - I could probably live with that. It would be interesting - probably not very productive, but interesting nonetheless.

  5. Clyde,

    I'm not a Boehner fan - but we have given him an impossible task. This latest thing where Obama was actually able to paint Republicans as pro-taxes because we wanted a 12 month tax cut rather than a two month tax cut certainly shows the jujitsu public relations at work in the liberal (democrat, progressive, socialist, whatever) press. We might need a public relations rock star rather than a politician.

  6. Hardnox,

    Thank you and I concur with the bulk of your analysis. The trick will be to put someone with a sterner spine in there without blowing up the government.

    I think that the key might be to have the McCains and the Grahams shut the hell up and let the conservative Republicans get in front of the cameras more.