Monday, January 23, 2012

The Question and the Spanking

There are probably a number of colleges now that will have one semester courses in debate craft based around Former Speaker Newt Gingrich’s response to CNN’s John King on Thursday night:

There are no shortages of Republicans that dream of having Newt do that to the teleprompter-in-chief.  I’m still not sold that this scrappy debater is the right guy to sit in the Oval office. 

Let the primary continue!  I’m waiting for my Santorum sweater vest.  I don’t know what I will do with it as it will be the only one I own.    


  1. Obama vs Newt=Newt

    Obama vs Mitt=Mitt

    Obama vs Santorum=Santorum

    Obama vs Sweater Vest=Sweater Vest

    And that's how I'm voting, don't try to change my mind.

  2. I'm with Paladin.

    Sweater vests are very grandpa-y. Not very Marine-y, but hey.

  3. Amigo,
    There's a lot about Newt that I worry about. He's a big government type of guy and has no executive experience.

    That said, I'll go with Paladin and Tenth.

    Btw, I think sweater vests look gay.

  4. Don't much care for sweater vests either. BUT,that being said,as much as I don't care much about the current field,ALL are better than the Crybaby-in Chief. An aside,CS,would you and Georgetwin be one in the same?

    1. Clyde,

      I do not know a Georgetwin. I'm only posting as Common Snse.

  5. Ok, I'm willing to look like an idiot -- what's with the comments about the sweater vest? Am I missing a joke that is known by ya'll?

    Any way ... on to the topic at hand: I agree CS that many, if not most, Republicans would like to see Newt dress down the MSM and Resident in one fell swoop. Hassle is it would be a short-lived moment and the Gingrich is about as much a D.C. insider as you can get, IMO.

    1. Mrs. AL,

      Rick Santorum had taken to wearing sweater vests on the campaign trail. Someone noted that and they tried to attract donors by offering a "Santorum for President" sweater vest for a campaign contribution $100 or more.

      When Perry dropped out, I made a contribution to Santorum. I didn't intend to wear the sweater vest - my bride has long since given up trying to get me to wear a sweater. But given Hardnox's position - it will go in the back of the closet.

      No doubt after I die and my kids are cleaning out the closet they will say - "Look, I didn't know Dad owned a sweater." and one of the others will say "Who's Santorum?"

  6. I don't care if a pile of sh*t wins the GOP nom, I'll vote for the pile of sh*t over Obummer.

    That said, we also need to concentrate on winning total control of the House and Senate so IF Zero wins, he'll be a lame duck and just MAYBE, someone will have the balls to impeach him.