Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Proliferation of Rights

On 18 September 1787, the morning after the ratification of the U.S. Constitution Americans found themselves in possession of nearly limitless freedom and a substantial list of enumerated rights.  We have the right to worship as we please and to petition our government for example.  However we were also expected to live responsibly. 
While the people of Wisconsin have the right to peaceably assemble in Madison to petition their government they can’t claim a “right” to have union membership forced on government employees.  Likewise collective bargaining is not a “right” in any recognized legal or moral definition of the term. 

We live in an age where the term “right” doesn’t really mean anything anymore.  Liberals tout health care as a "right" or the decision by a mother-to-be to have an abortion doctor plunge a probe into the head of her child-to-be to suck the life out of it as a "right."  Homosexuals claim a “right” to marry or to force themselves on the Military Service.  Where will this end? 

I’m sick and tired of people conjuring rights out of the air.  

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  1. Amigo,

    Good post. You have lots of company! I wish the left would just exercise the right to STFU.

  2. I was screaming that at the TV this morning. Collective bargaining is NOT a right, it is a wrong. It is mob rules and has no place in our society. If you can't petition your boss for your raise, you don't deserve one. And if the only way you can stay at work is because its against the law to fire you, you should be fired at Qadafi. What a crock.

  3. Maybe we should band together and maintain that we have a God given "right" to not be annoyed by liberals.

  4. Amigo,

    That should be our new conservative slogan.