Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Face of “Choice”

Ever since Roe vs. Wade upended our society liberal women have wailed that were abortion on demand to be over turned American women would be driven to back alley abortions.  The truth is that abortions for women’s health reasons were being legally preformed before Roe vs. Wade.  However there were women who found themselves with unwanted pregnancies who sought underground or illegal abortions.  Abortions were a sad consequence of any number of activities legal or illegal; moral or immoral. 

Now we are faced with barbarism on a truly monumental scale with Philadelphia butcher Kermit Gosnell (See Judge orders trial for Pa, abortion doctor).  While sad lonely women were victimized in back-alley abortions in the past, such tragedy cannot be compared to Philadelphia’s abortion charnel house. 

One might say that Kermit Gosnell is the extreme, a monster in fact – and that would be correct.  However there is a fine line between Gosnell’s barbarity and the Kansas late-term abortion factory overseen by slain doctor George Tiller.  They essentially provided the exact same service, Gosnell was just a bit less sanitary and he didn’t cover his tracks as well.  Gosnell repeatedly faced the problem with late term abortions that put our President on the horns of a dilemma.  Sometimes the abortionist’s actions result in a live birth.  Gosnell apparently agreed with then State Senator Obama – the mother’s desire to abort overrules the reality of a live baby result.  Gosnell might be the one who wielded the scissors that severed the spinal cord of a living, breathing, human being – but people like Barack Obama gave them high cover. 

Is the intentional murder of human beings a more civilized result than a handful of back-alley abortions by desperate women?  Both are tragic but society can’t stand by and allow the murder of innocents to continue.  More than 40 million babies have died at the hands of Kermit Gosnells and George Tillers – it is time to rein in the horror.  

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  1. Obama's vote in the Iliinois Senate makes him the biggest creep I know of. What kind of monster can kill a baby? Obama can. So can Romney.

  2. Amigo,

    The left's embrace of abortion (murder of the unborn) mystifies me all the while they are anti-death penalty. I was watching a program recently, don't remember which, where some libs were talking about the need to remove "useless eaters" from the population. Then it dawned on's about their survival and nothing more. Selfish bastards.

    On the plus side, since libs abort at a much higher rate, they will eventually disappear.

  3. Hardnox,

    Libs won't disappear as long as they own the public schools and universities. And how long is eventually? I'd like to get rid of them quicker than that.