Sunday, July 18, 2010

Today at Church

After church today, my wife and I were being funneled through to the door where we typically shake the hand of the Preacher on our way out.  I found myself face-to-face with the unabashedly democrat county supervisor of a neighboring district.  We are aware of each other’s politics though we are generally friendly and he extended his hand.  As we shook hands he asked me what I had been up to.  I responded that I had been manning Republican Headquarters adding that “We are going to kick your ass.”  My wife was trailing me and the woman behind her asked if we were talking about a sports team.  My wife responded that “No, they are talking about politics” adding “We play for the other team.”  The woman responded, “I know that’s why we avoid you.”  I wonder if she had noticed the “Don’t blame me, I voted Republican” stickers on our cars?  My wife was a bit taken back and much too polite to say what was on here mind and she continued out the door. 

My wife told me about the conversation when we got to our car and we both had a good laugh about it.  Neither of us knew who the woman was, though her face was familiar and we had seen her often at church.  The discussion that followed was not so much about her comment but how people can sit through church and walk out and pull the lever in a voting booth for a party whose principle objectives seem to be protecting abortion on demand, advancing the homosexual agenda, attacking the institution of marriage, and  placing yet unborn generations in debt.   The current administration and democrats in general have been openly hostile to Christians and Jews while courting the nations most hostile to our religious freedom.  It is democrats who consistently throw up the “separation of church and State” a concept that does not appear in any of our founding documents tracing its roots to a letter written by Thomas Jefferson.  It has led to a democrat party that is openly hostile to Christianity and Judaism.    

So how can that supervisor walk out of church and climb into a car with a “Christian and Democrat” sticker on the bumper?  I don’t get it.  How do figures like Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, John Kerry, and the late Ted Kennedy and Robert Byrd sit in a pew without squirming?  This is the one area where President Obama isn’t two faced – he hasn’t picked a church and I understand why.  If I had been doing what he has been doing and if I had been brought up in Jeremiah Wright’s black liberation meeting house – I wouldn’t feel comfortable in a church pew either. 

As for the lady at our church - Life isn’t a popularity contest and we particularly aren’t interested in collecting friends that don’t share our values.  At this point, if you voted for Barack Obama and you don’t regret it, you aren’t smart enough to be our friend.  If after the display the democrats have put on for the past four years (two under Bush and two under Obama) and you are still in their party – then you either have a screw lose or you hate America

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