Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Real Immigration Reform

As the immigration battle continues to escalate it is time to revisit the effort to declare English the National language.  This will have an entirely positive effect on the problem and it will save money at a critical time in our economic history.    
Congress must pass a law that establishes English as our National language.  It should require us to discontinue the printing or use of any language other than English in any government publication or office that does not deal directly with valid tourists or diplomats.   The savings from printing and translation alone would be huge.  Any cost for translators or translations should be borne by the people who need them.  This will encourage people who do not speak English to go home.   The English language knits us together as a people.  There shouldn’t be any enclaves in the United States where non-English speakers are subsidized by tax payers.  If you decide to come here and you don’t learn English first, you should shoulder that responsibility financially.  Environmentalists should be happy as we kill fewer trees for publications.  Libertarians will be pleased as the financial burden will be on the people who create the problem.  All Americans will be happy to shrink the size, scope, and cost of government.  
We need to send the message loudly and clearly that if you aren’t ready to assimilate into our country, which includes speaking English then save your money and stay where you are.  If you can’t depend on your own resources to sustain yourself with translators – the American people decline to subsidize your English education.  I suppose that gives people from Ghana and Belize the inside track on immigration – so be it. 
I think it is splendid that Americans learn to speak other languages and I recommend that continue.  What I object to is paying for English as a second language courses.  The fact that you wound up in my country and can’t speak our language is your problem – not ours. 
Bottom-line – on a taxpayer supported government telephone line, we need to make “Marke dos para Espanol” a thing of the past.      

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