Saturday, July 10, 2010

Litmus Tests

Going through the agonizing process of selecting a new Supreme Court Justice recently brings the idea of “litmus tests” back into the public eye.  The standard discussion deals with abortion on demand.  No Democrat can ever envision a candidate opposing unrestricted abortion on demand even though most Americans now oppose it and large majorities oppose barbaric practices like late term abortions.  I think that someone who says that abortion on demand is “settled law” fails the litmus test to be a judge or a politician. 
Though most decry the thought of a litmus test, I think that we should have additional litmus tests for all politicians.  For example:    
If you are running for political office and you believe in Keynesian economics – you are completely unqualified for government service – at any level or office.  Keynesian economics have never worked anywhere.  President Obama is now torturing our free market economy with his version of Keynesian economics and we won’t recover until we stop him. 
If you want an adult job and you still believe in Global Warming – no dice.   Given everything that we know now, if you still believe in Global Warming you are too damned ignorant to decide what the government should do with my money.  We actually have the next wave of hoax-as-science coming as some are now predicting an imminent ice age.   No kidding.  The National Geographic channel ran the programs one right after another.  Serious looking scientists spewing the ridiculous notion first we are incubating the planet and then in the very next hour other serious looking scientists explaining how we are in imminent danger of a new ice age.   Guess what?  Both groups are full of crap. 
If you don’t like the death penalty for murders then you flunk the litmus test.  Having people sit on death row in various prisons throughout the land forever is ridiculous.  Consecutive life sentences – what sense does that make?  If a judge gives you two consecutive life sentences you belong in a cemetery not a prison.  Warehousing criminals who are never going to be let free is stupid.  Dispatch them to their maker by the cheapest and most expedient method.      
If you want to grant amnesty to those living illegally in our country, then you don’t love my country enough to defend its best interests – you are outta here.  One of the essential parts of being a country is having a border and controlling who and what crosses it.  We don’t need more poor, under educated people in this country.  I don’t care if they have to stand in line for a visa in theirs.    
That’s a good start on a list. 
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