Sunday, July 4, 2010

That’s just that politics stuff

One of the oft quoted lines that we saw Representative Joe Sestak (D-PA) utter is that nothing is to be gained by “that politics stuff” with a look of utter disdain on his face.  He is of course using that excuse to avoid answering questions that would help determine whether or not the Obama administration broke the law in offering him a position in order to back out of the race against Senator Arlen Spector (D/R/D – PA).  It is too bad because as a retired Navy admiral, he might be the only one of the principles that might actually have told the truth.  But what is that “politics stuff?” 
I actually have heard that before as some of my neighbors, friends, or acquaintances have mentioned that they don’t want to talk about that “politics stuff.”  To be honest I was one of those people who didn’t want to talk about that “politics stuff.”  I was generally apolitical during all my years in the Marine Corps and it took me awhile after I retired to get engaged. 
In my second career I worked in the telecommunication industry.  I frequently ran into people who wanted to be able to say “that F***ing Bush” but when I objected – they didn’t want to talk about that “politics stuff.”  Today it might be people who complain about taxes, unemployment, traffic, schools, health care, Israel, North Korea, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, illegal immigration, or the mortgage crisis.  There is an explanation for why so many things are going wrong of late, but to explain it you have to delve into that “politics stuff.”  I can explain exactly how the mortgage industry slammed the world into recession.  It has very little to do with Wall Street but rather it has a great deal to do with that “politics stuff.”  Many things are like that.  Illegal immigrants are streaming across our borders because our current government won’t finish the damned fence – why?  That “politics stuff.”    
I think that our general distaste for that “politics stuff” harkens back to an age when not much that happened in Washington had much to do with our daily life.  That was of course the way it was intended according to the United States Constitution and our founding principles.  Unfortunately that has changed a great deal with successive progressive (aka. Democrat, Left-Wing, Liberal, socialist, etc.) administrations that have invaded our States, our Counties, and our communities.  Our Nation operated demonstrably better when communities took care of their own problems.  How did the American model evolve to one that is prohibitively expensive and doesn’t work anymore?  I can explain it, but we have to go into that “politics stuff.” 
President Obama is having a helluva time energizing a tepid economy, generating job growth, paying for health care, fixing immigration, and plugging the “damned hole.”  Why exactly is that?  Well the first reason is that he’s the least qualified President to ever sit behind the big desk.  The other reason all revolves around that “politics stuff.” 
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