Tuesday, May 25, 2010

We have our boots on their necks . . . .

Listening to Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar say that “We have our boots on their necks” when speaking of British Petroleum sent a shiver down my spine.  The governments of free people just don’t talk that way.   And he wasn’t the first to use the “boots on their necks” metaphor. 

I can see Fidel Castro or Hugo Chavez saying that they “have our boots on the necks of (fill in the blank: free press, business, church groups, etc.)” but not the government of the World’s greatest Republic.  You have to wonder what the press in particular would have done if anyone in the Bush administration had claimed to have their boots on someone else’s neck.  They would have been flayed alive. 

If the Federal government can put its boot on the neck of BP who else can feel the boot?  BP hasn’t been convicted of anything yet.  They may only be guilty of a tragic accident.  They have been tried and convicted in the court of the main stream media largely by politicians looking for another emergency to take advantage of or looking to deflect blame onto someone else. 

Climate and Energy Czar Carol Browner kept up a banter about “taking over” from BP and how the Obama administration was “in charge.”  Really?  The only good guy thus far is the Coast Guard Admiral who pointed out that if the government “fires” BP, who the hell is going to clean up the mess?  Hello – Carol, what planet are you on?  We didn’t elect you and you weren’t confirmed.  You are an ADVISOR.  Shut up. 

It is time to start asking what the hell is happening to our country.  These actions by our government are specifically what the Constitution was designed to protect us from.  The representatives of a free people just don’t act like this.  You were sent to Washington, DC to represent us – not lord over us.    

Conservative Resistance Day – 567
Days until we cast the vote heard around the land - 161
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