Monday, May 17, 2010

Ich bin ein Arizonan

I was very taken by Governor Sarah Palin’s comment that “we are all Arizonans now.” Her statement couldn’t help but remind me of President Kennedy’s stance against communism in Berlin in 1963 (“Ich bin ein Berliner”).  It could be that it was her intent – regardless I think that she is absolutely right – all Americans are affected by the costs of illegal immigrants among us.  We in Prince William County, Virginia feel a kinship with Arizonans because our county like many in America was under siege by illegal immigrants until our Board of Supervisors generated the Rule of Law Resolution.  Like Arizona’s law, our law did nothing other than clarify the requirements for establishing legal residency before turning a criminal or criminal suspect lose.  Most importantly, it also clarified how to qualify for certain taxpayer funded benefits.  That is far short of marching illegal immigrants off to gulags.  Gee, wasn’t it the left that built the gulags?    
As for the law, I have done what the Attorney General of the United States has not – I read it.  Unlike the Attorney General I am qualified to make remarks about it – even though Eric Holder didn’t let that stop him.  You can read it too at: “Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act"
When I printed it out, it came to 19 printed pages that included a cover page and a smidgen of print on the last page.  It totals about 750 lines of text.  I didn’t label each and categorize every line, but my sense is that a small fraction of it deals with the actual implementation.  A large part deals with exclusions and cautions.  Another large section deals with rules for businesses and how violations will be handled (again – No Gulags!).  There are robust sections about limiting entrapment and cautions about the profiling by law enforcement officers.  The Arizona law references Federal statutes throughout.  It was a quick read even with the tortured legal language.  I recommend that if you have any concerns about the law – don’t depend on the judgment of someone (to include me) with an agenda – but rather read the bill.  In my opinion, there isn’t anything inflammatory or discriminatory in the entire bill. 
While left-wing pundits and open-border morons claim that it is a problem – probable cause to stop or question a suspect is well understood by the overwhelming majority of the community and all law enforcement officers.   Thus the new Arizona law doesn’t provide new instructions or legislative cover for those that would violate our principles.  Anyone who says it does either hasn’t read the bill or they are a liar. 
No one has an inherent right to come to America – no one.  A Nation, its government and particularly its President and Attorney General must act in the interest of that Nation.  The number one priority for those people is the security of the Nation’s border and the protection of its citizens. Rest assured that JFK would be supporting Governor Jan Brewer and her Arizonans. 
 Conservative Resistance – Day 559
Days until we can vote out the open borders morons - 169

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