Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bush 1; Obama 3

America’s terrorist wake-up call occurred under President George W. Bush on 11 September 2001.  Islamo-Fascists had been waging war against America since 1979 (Iranians stormed US embassy in Tehran and Pakistanis burned US embassy in Islamabad) but it really came home on 9/11.  We should never forget that day nor should we forget the success enjoyed by the Bush administration in preventing further attacks on our homeland for seven long years,  In all the Bush-bashing that followed his election and the misrepresentation of the facts of his administration we tend to lose track of how wildly successful President Bush’s strategy actually was.  While the attack under his administration was terrible, it was the only attack and then Bush took the war to our enemies.  I love Carlos Mencia’s line that “they took down two buildings and we took down two countries.  That’s the way we play the game b**ch.” 
Now under a new administration, one that has reached out to the Islamic community – there have been three successful terrorist attacks.  Eight years of George W. Bush – one attack.  One-and-a-half years of Barack Hussein Obama – three attacks.  Who would you say is the more successful President?
I reject the narrative that both the panty bomber and the Times Square bomber were “failed attacks.”  Both Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab and Faisal Shahzad along with their associates successfully mounted an operation that succeeded in placing a bomb in an extremely sensitive location, endangering hundreds of Americans, and they initiated their devices.  The failure was in the construction or chemistry of the device utilized.  If only Nidal Malik Hasan’s weapons had have been as defective at Fort Hood, but he completes the triumvirate of the three successful terrorist attacks.  President Obama fails the single most important Presidential test - that of keeping us safe. 
Time to get rid of hope as a strategy for our protection and to change the guardians of this Nation. 
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