Wednesday, May 19, 2010

To the President of Mexico

Dear Mr. Calderon,
Despite what the temporary occupant of our White House said today – our Immigration System is not broken.  Our border is broken because Mexican citizens do not respect our laws (or their own either) and we don’t have an effective barrier.  Our laws are clear and specific in what is required by our citizens and our government with regard to people who over stay their visit to our country or sneak in illegally.  Our laws are equally specific in how a Mexican citizen can become a resident and ultimately an American citizen.  Mr. Obama will gratefully be leaving the White House in January of 2013 and as you will see this November, the American political party of appeasement and surrender will be leaving as well.  Though you chose to insult us by attacking the law of the sovereign State of Arizona (an immigration law less stringent than your own) the American people overwhelmingly support that law and increasing numbers of our States are moving in that direction.  If you want to understand the future direction of America, check out the Republican Party platform.    
During your welcome to our country you were honored with an opportunity to review members of our armed forces.  You might not have known it at the time, but understand that the flag that was held in front of the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps units included battle streamers that you should understand and heed:
The Marine Corps Flag has two battle streamers representing service in the Mexican War 1846-1848 and one for Mexican Service in operations against Mexican forces between 1911 and 1919.
The army flag is decorated with battle streamers for all the major battles of the Mexican War (Palo Alto, Resaca de la Palma, Monterey, Buena Vista, Vera Cruz, Cerro Gordo, Contreras, Churubusco, Molino del Ray, and Chapultepec – all American victories) and a streamer for the Mexican Expedition 1916-1917. 
The navy has one battle streamer for the Mexican War with 4 bronze stars representing the Veracruz landing, Riverine operations, the East Coast blockade, and West coast blockade and operations in California.  A second streamer represents Latin American campaigns from 1906-1920 with one star representing Mexican service.   
The air force doesn’t have any Mexican service streamers  . . . . . yet.  Don’t screw with us.  Both the Mexican War and the Operations against Mexico in the twentieth century were required because Mexico failed to respect our border.  Don’t make that mistake again.  We may appear weak and fearful now, but that will change in November of 2012.    
Without a strong and prosperous United States, your country is nothing more than another international basket-case.  Without our support, our business, and American visitors your country would be starved of capital.  Fully 65% of the illegal immigrants within the United States are estimated to come from your country – you should be ashamed.  You should have come to this country with your hat in your hand to thank us for propping up your miserable, corruption infested, and largely ineffective government.  You should be thanking us for the humane manner in which we have treated your criminal citizens who have invaded our country, burdened our social systems, and flooded our schools.   You should have called them home – but you didn’t – you insulted us.  You proved to be nothing more than the chief criminal in a nation of criminals. 
Go home you miserable wretch and don’t come back until you fix your wretched country. 

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