Saturday, April 17, 2010

We are insignificant

It is amazing when you consider exactly how insignificant we humans are to this planet.  Al Gore and his merry band of socialists are romping around the planet telling everyone how we are destroying the planet – and then along comes a volcanic eruption.  I admit to being an early denier of the Global Warming hoax.  It was never very hard to find natural phenomena that have had much greater effects on the planet than the worst effects of man.  I knew that we could have negative local effects on the planet, but I have never thought that we could create another mass extinction or rival the power of the Santorini volcanic eruption. 
Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Volcanoes, and the like have devastated vast swaths of the planet.   The Little Ice Age and the Medieval Warming were all caused by natural forces without the slightest assistance from man.  Life on Earth was virtually wiped out twice by what most scientists believe (no one knows for sure) were asteroids striking the planet.  The Earth has a uniquely powerful system for repairing itself.  Indeed, even though these Gore nut-jobs are running around screaming about carbon dioxide, CO2 has had a very positive effect on plant life throughout the world.  There are probably people who would not have been fed without the increase of global plant life created by increased CO2 in the air.
It takes my breath away to think about the world wide chaos being caused by a relatively minor eruption in Iceland.  No one has been killed yet to my knowledge, so we aren’t dealing with anything as serious as Vesuvius or Krakatoa.  However tens of thousands of airplanes are grounded and we don’t yet know the long-term health and economic effects that will result from our planet throwing up a little dust and magma.  Exactly how arrogant are Liberals to think that we can even begin to compete with that kind of power? 
I do not sanction indiscriminate pollution or destruction of the planet – that is the false alternative that Liberals accuse us of – but if we are responsible stewards of Earth our impact will remain every bit as insignificant as it has historically been.   How absurd would it be to destroy the World’s greatest economy for the false promise of reversing Global Warming?  Then – if we did – it could all be thrown away in an instant if an asteroid took a wrong turn at Mars and slammed into the Earth again.  Madness. 
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