Thursday, April 15, 2010

Flying the stupid skies

I think that we have gotten far too complacent with Americans tormenting Americans in airports. The Take Scissors Away (TSA) guys need to focus. I was departing through Dulles Airport and spent the good part of my morning standing in lines, removing my shoes, putting my toothpaste in a little bag, and getting directed around the security area. There were a good number of foreigners who were getting a tad bit of increased attention for funny looking documents – but other than that all seemed normal. Then a young Marine lieutenant traveling in what we call “Summer Service C” approached the final screening. He was sent back as he had failed to remove his dog tags – I get that. Then for some inexplicable reason he failed the metal detector again. Soon there we were streaming on either side of him as he was subjected to additional screening and wanding. When was the last time an American Marine – in uniform – blew up an airplane? Amazing.

Conservative Resistance – Day 527
Days until we vote sanity back into the government - 201

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