Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Good Job Arizona – What can you expect next?

We in Prince William County Virginia certainly know how the people of Arizona feel.  By 2007 we were overrun by illegal immigrants who were over-tasking our County services, increasing crime, and loitering around our streets looking for work – a courageous board of county supervisors took action.  On July 10th 2007 they voted in the Rule of Law Resolution that was fully implemented by March 8, 2008. 

Like the good people of Arizona our brave elected officials had to walk through throngs of foreign born people who were carrying signs, waving foreign flags, and chanting “Si se puede” (“Yes we can” – sound familiar?).  The day of the vote there were hundreds of them crowded into the meeting site and loudly demonstrating outside.  We went through then what Arizona is going through now.  So what was the result?

Our County is safer – crime dropped 22%.  Illegal aliens had been responsible for 5 of our 9 murders in 2007.  Following implementation of the Rule of Law Resolution, violent crime dropped 36%.  Enrollment in English as a Second Language classes fell dramatically saving the County School System money.  Our roads are safer as accident rates plunged by double digits.  Over crowding in residential neighborhoods was reduced as well.  There is a great deal of anecdotal evidence that the lawful residents – regardless of their race or ethnic background – are happier and more secure. 

You may have some temporary problems.  For example, a house around the corner from me was being operated as an apartment complex.  We suspected that it was full of illegal aliens, but no one knew for sure.  We did know that there were too many cars, too many people, and they didn’t add anything to the fabric of our neighborhood.  Right after the Rule of Law Resolution was implemented, the house was empty.  It stayed empty for a long time, but now it has a nice family living in it.  They are part of the fabric of our community as they have nothing to hide. 

You did the right thing Arizona and if you stick with it, you will see nearly immediate improvements in the lives and livelihood of your citizens and legal residents. 

Conservative Resistance – Day 540
Days until adults are in charge again - 188


  1. The politician at the State and Federal level do not want the immigration problem resolved. The way our system works, they count the number of people period. It does not matter whether they are here legally or not. That is today's politics.

    National politicians do not care what happens to your neighborhood. They are interested in votes. Instead of voting to enforce the current immigration laws, watch the hill come up with a whole new set of laws that will do nothing to address the issue but play to a select few.

    They will do what they can to challange any thing the local governments come up with when it comes to immigration. Watch what the Obama team will do to Arizona. They are talking about sending the Justice Department to see if Arizona is violating the RIGHTS of the illegals instead of helping Arizona fix their problem.

    What do I know, I am just a Southern Liberal.

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