Monday, April 12, 2010

How many buses do we need?

I hate the census now.  We are being inundated with advertising about it and all of it shows me that my government doesn’t know what the hell it is doing.  Today I was driving North on Highway 1 and noticed a Census 2010 billboard.  It was pointing out that if I didn’t fill out and mail in my census form, they wouldn’t know how many buses we would need.  No kidding?   I don’t remember a bus question on the form.  Since there are two of us on our census form, does that somehow justify some portion of a bus?  I see buses in our area, but I haven’t ever ridden on one.  I don’t want to be used as an excuse for the government to buy a new bus.    
I have an idea.  Why doesn’t one of our rocket scientists in the government actually climb on board a damn bus and see if there are any empty seats.  If there are – then we don’t need any more damn buses.  Government transportation is a financial anchor on a community.  It is a loser for the communities that fund it as it saddles them with a system that they can never walk away from.  Further, Americans generally don’t like public transportation – they want to drive cars – big cars.  Public transportation is another example where the government for all the right reasons, picks a loser of a solution.  If there was a need for such transportation and it could be done economically – someone would do it.  Leaving it to the government guarantees a bad solution every time. 
The census isn’t about buses, hospitals, or “getting our fair share.”  The census is about the apportionment of seats in the House of Representatives – that’s it.  No more, no less. 
Conservative Resistance – Day 524
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