Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Your eyes are off the ball

The Honorable James Webb and Mark Warner,

Please help me out here. I keep hearing that Senator Max Baucus has established his goal of passing some kind of health care bill. As you know, all this activity is happening against the express will of the people of the United States. I always thought that you and the rest of congress were sent to Washington to act within the boundaries of the United States Constitution in the best interest of the citizens in your respective States. If you accept that premise and given that more than 85% of the American people express satisfaction with their current health plan – then the very last thing that Congress should be messing with is health care.

What you all should do is focus on things that have worked. Tort reform and allowing individuals to shop for insurance outside their respective States would save huge sums of money. If President Obama is right (that hasn’t happened yet) and the government can save money by eliminating waste and fraud – then do that too. You don’t need some giant monstrosity of a bill to save us money – carve that piece out and implement it.

You guys are taking your eye off the ball (we your constituents) in focusing on some utopian socialist paradise – we don’t want that. You know that.

Best Regards,

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