Wednesday, September 9, 2009

How much damage can a few liberals do?

One of the things that got lost recently in the all the screaming over health care was the rebuff of the lawful government in Honduras by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the State Department. Essentially, the government of Honduras pointed out that since President Zelaya was forbidden by law from running for President again, the upcoming elections in November would solve the crisis. Pretty sound logic particularly in light of their invitation to international monitoring of their election. Secretary Clinton - who has met with the lawfully ousted Zelaya – refused to support the decision to allow the people of Honduras to resolve the crisis.
You see Zelaya, emboldened by other dictators in the region – particularly Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez – decided to violate his oath and his constitution and float a resolution to run for a forbidden second term. As required by their constitution, the Supreme Court of Honduras and the Legislature acted by empowering the Honduran Army to serve an arrest warrant and pack Zelaya off to El Salvador (a much better ending than many would-be South American dictators have received).
The Obama administration continues in the fiction that this is a “constitutional crisis” – it wasn’t, the constitution was followed and the natural checks and balances it put in place worked just fine. Much of the mainstream media insists on referring to this as a “coup” – it was not. One of the key elements in the definition of coup is that it is “illegal” this action was not. Note to President Obama if you violate our constitution (and many say that you have and are) the Supreme Court and Congress of the United States are required to get rid of you. No doubt that is why you picked Joe Biden as your running mate – he is insurance, as bad as you are – Biden would probably be worse.
In his superior book “Blacklisted by History: The Untold Story of Senator Joseph McCarthy and his fight against America’s Enemies” M. Stanton Evans points out just how dangerous it is having Liberals in power. Witness the treatment of Yugoslavia during World War II. We now know that President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s administration was riddled with communists – not hyperbole but fact that is easily proven by the release of Venona project communiqu├ęs and other historical documents to include those of the former USSR. Ground zero for their campaign was the United States State Department. Yugoslavia became an important theater for communist disinformation almost immediately.
After the German invasion of Yugoslavia in April 1941 two major groups of partisans arose. There were the Chetniks who organized to fight the German invaders and then there were the Communists who organized a few days later and who principally fought the anti-Nazis Chetniks. Even today, the Communist Josip Broz Tito is the hero of the resistance. Communist misinformation caused the Allies at the time to reinforce and supply Tito rather than his pro-Western counterpart General Draza Mihailovic. As a result of Allied support, in the waning days of World War II Tito’s Partisans “liberated” Yugoslavia which became part of the communist empire, firmly ensconced behind the Iron Curtain. Chalk one up for the communists. Ever wonder why so much of the world fell under communist domination under President Truman who now has such a great reputation as a commie-fighter? Where did the buck stop Harry?
The State Department became the ideal place to help bring hundreds of millions of people under communist domination. Asia “experts” in the State Department undermined Chiang Kai-shek and slowed and eventually stopped US support to his anti-communist efforts. Ultimately Mao Zedong was able to defeat Chiang bringing one billion Chinese under the heel of communism. The efforts of the Truman State Department were so disastrous that the West nearly lost what many believe to be the cradle of democracy – Greece.
Now we have a government dominated by a guy who thought it was a good idea to put a self-described communist in his administration. We have an amateur Secretary of State who is willing to abandon nearly eight million Hondurans to a wannabe socialist dictator – why exactly? This appears to be another very dangerous time for the people of the World who depend on us for protection and support. Be wary Israel, Colombia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and other freedom seekers – we might not be a reliable partner for freedom for the next three and a half years.
Conservative Resistance – Day 310

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