Sunday, September 13, 2009

God must be a Republican

I was manning the Republican Headquarters in Prince William County, Virginia last Friday. I had my laptop with me and the local field director for the Republican Party of Virginia asked me to help him put together route books for the door knocking to be done on Saturday. No problem --- except this required me to print maps through the wireless printer in the office. I worked on linking my laptop with that printer for about an hour and half. We paused and went to lunch. Once back I went right back to work on solving the problem of my computer communicating with their printer – no joy. While I was battling on, a lady came into the office to volunteer. She said that she didn’t have much time and the field director put her to work putting yard signs together. She wasn’t far from me, close enough to see what I was doing. At some point, the field director put me on the phone with the party geek and he worked with me to talk me through a different path to load the wireless computer. He didn’t have time to wait for me to perform all the functions however, and not long after we hung up, I worked my way through and that method failed as well. No doubt sensing my rising frustration, the volunteer putting signs together asked me my name. I gave it to her. Then she asked if she could say a prayer for me and I told her that I would be happy for her to do that. We all paused what we were doing and bowed our heads. She prayed that God would give me the wisdom to find the solution to the problem. Ten minutes later she had to leave – just minutes before I cracked the problem and printed a test page. God must be a Republican. I pretty much thought he would be; now I have proof.

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