Monday, February 13, 2012

My Daughter's Future


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    1. Johnny,

      There are so many - and I'm but one man. We'll work on that.

  2. Perfect. Wonder how many people will actually get the message and act upon it. The young folks in this country are being taken for a really really bad ride.

    Thanx for posting, CS

    TGP and Hardnox, that's funny. Looks there there's a new bad good word being added to the american lexicon, eh?

    1. Mrs. AL,

      I think that people are waking up - the last barrage on our actual (as opposed to made up) rights was pretty severe and noisy.

  3. The problem with that commercial is that anyone who is planning on voting for Obama doesent care and, they're immune to information that would cause them to reconsider what they're thinking.

  4. -Sepp,

    I think that you make a good point and certainly Obama has successfully grown the miserable class that is beholding to the government.

    With that said, I'm also seeing people who have never been motivated to participate in politics waking up. I think I mentioned on your blog a guy that I have known for five election cycles (we have an election every year in Virginia) and who had never uttered a politically tinged word to me. A week ago he said that he feared we were headed for "civil war." His words - not mine.

  5. Not like we didn't try to tell the idiots. Can't help it if they would not listen to reason.