Friday, February 10, 2012

How I spent my day at CPAC

Mrs. Common Sense and I had the opportunity to attend CPAC 2012 and the dinner that evening.  I must tell you that for all real conservatives I think it is an experience that you should treat yourself to this lifetime.  Though I live in the shadow of Washington, DC I rarely enter the city and yesterday I was reminded of why.  If I go again, I’ll be getting a room as I refuse to deal with that traffic and the maze that is Washington, DC. 

If you are a conservative and if you are keeping a bucket list, put CPAC on that list.  It’s not everyday that most of us can casually walk up to Grover Norquist and ask him about the state of the Union.  I’m not much of a fan nor do I get worked up about meeting the famous and infamous but it is interesting to meet those people face-to-face in a friendly and festive environment.  Cocktails with Ken Blackwell anyone? 

The first thing that grabbed my attention was the sheer number of young people in the crowd.  A very good sign in my opinion.  They were volunteers, young folks working the various booths, and still others there on student day-passes.  There very few Paulbots in attendance rather there seemed to be a huge number of people sporting “Santorum” stickers (as were Mrs. Common Sense and I). 

The second thing is that there was too much to do.  We missed Senator Marco Rubio’s speech but did catch Speaker Boehner’s and Texas Governor Rick Perry’s:

When I looked at the Republican Presidential field 2012 BP (Before Perry) I was disappointed and most of you know that I was pushing for the Governor to enter the race.  When he did I was happy and supportive.  I think that the best guy we had for 2012 left the race.

However since my recent campaign contribution didn't result in a Rick Santorum sweater vest in the mail, I did secure one at CPAC (eat your heart out Hardnox):

More later.  


  1. Rick Perry gets it. Sorry he's not in the race anymore. Rick Santorum gets it too. This was a good speech. Right to the point. I also like his honesty when he says we don't need a "lukewarm" Republican as President. We need somebody with COMMON SENSE and a little passion. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Right,

      My pleasure - that was the second time I've heard Rick Perry in person. Very impressive.

  2. GREAT POST and one day I want to attend a CPAC with Mrs Gunny.

    Well done.

    If you have friends that have not donated to Santorum, shoot them my fund raising link.

  3. Always a good thing to put faces to names. And,you can tell a LOT about a person when you are looking them dead in the eyes. You'll look great in the Santorum sweater. Sent him money,but told them to KEEP the damn sweater!!

  4. Clyde,

    After Hardnox's comments - I had to have a sweater.

  5. That was a great speech.

    But, on this halftime in America theme, what kind of coach are We the People if we let Obama take one more snap? We need to yank him. It has become apparent that he is intentionally throwing interceptions.

    1. Tenth,

      I think that it's best to beat him in the election. Send him home in disgrace to build crappy houses alongside Jimmy Carter another failed President.

    2. Uh, then he'd still be stealing work from me. No thanks, I want him hung for treason.

  6. Amigo,
    Great speech... sweater not so much. I still think that it looks gay.

    You'll look great in it. LOL!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hardnox,

      You are entitled to your opinion. There weren't that many at CPAC either.

    2. Hardnox,

      There were only a few youngsters running around in Santorum sweaters - there were however a large number of varied opinions.

  7. You may have noticed that Rick Santorum won three Republican primary contests this Tuesday: the Colorado and Minnesota Caucuses and the Missouri Primary. I think the real lesson of the contests that the namesake of our favorite anal sex byproduct won isn't that Rick Santorum is surging in popularity, but instead that he's very good at winning things almost no one shows up for.

    Caucuses by nature are built around people who are the most politically passionate. In Democratic caucuses, this benefits a candidate who is a bit further to the left, and his success in caucuses was a big key towards President Obama's run to the Democratic nomination four years ago. But, as being too far to the left is considered completely unacceptable in our political climate, a socialist group is unable to highjack the proceedings. Things are different in the Republican, where you have two groups of complete whack jobs who are viewed as being a part of the conservative mainstream: the Ron Paul Libertarians and the extreme Religious Right. These people are more passionate than your average conservative, and are more willing to spend their time attending a caucus.

    Think of it this way: following the Florida Primary, won by Mitt Romney, a fair amount of attention was paid to the low turnout rate. About 8.5% of Florida's population showed up to vote in the Republican primary. Compare that to Colorado, where just over 1% of the state population participated in the caucus, and Minnesota, where less than 1% participated. And while Santorum had a strong showing in Missouri's primary, that primary was merely symbolic and awarded no delegates. As a result, Missouri's Republican Primary only drew from 4% of the state's population.

    What's the conclusion to draw from this? Santorum does have a following. In Midwest states, he is the social conservative candidate of choice. But we won't know if he's become the social conservative candidate of the south until March. More importantly, we have no evidence to this point that Santorum can win anything that a significant portion of a state's population actually shows up to. Until he does that, Santorum is merely the King of Contests Nobody Gives a Shit About. And while that may parlay a better contract for him with Fox News this fall, itt will not get him the Republican nomination and certainly would not allow him to even put up a competitive race against President Obama in the General Election.

    1. Friends (and Anonymous),

      I have cleared the comment above as it exposes a number of things that we all generally know about the liberal (democrat, socialist, progressive, whatever) mind and it does analyze the Republican Presidential race in an insightful though “glass half empty” sort of fashion. He would have gotten some of the same “he won but . . . “ language if Anonymous read or listened to actual “News.”

      First for those of you who don’t know, Rick Santorum made an accurate observation in 2003 that enraged Homosexual activists. As a result they conducted a contest to attach a filthy, disgusting definition to “Santorum” and now work to keep it as the top return in Google. Try it – Google “Santorum” and see the top return. It will remind you how vicious and vengeful liberals are. Liberals care nothing for truth and have no regard for fair play – they only care about winning.

      Second, our liberal friend makes the observation that Rick Santorum has won contests that no one cares about. That is only true because it’s a conservative. Were a democrat to win the same contests it would herald the second coming however to your garden variety liberal this is “fly-over” country and it doesn’t matter.

      Third Anonymous has labeled these people fringe or “whack jobs” who participate in these contests. He’s never actually met any of these people, but he knows them. Actually these are the people who will knock on doors, make phone calls, stuff envelopes, and more importantly write checks. They matter as even most Republicans are asleep right now until the election gets closer.

      Santorum might not carry the Republican nomination though I sincerely hope he does. I would love to see a real conservative contrasted on the National stage with hardcore socialist Barack Hussein Obama.

      We’ll see Anonymous, we’ll see. You have always been wrong before, there is no reason to believe that you are right now.

    2. Is Anonymous a gay man? Why would you bring up this creepy definition, unless you're a queer? I'm pretty sure you are queer, and you've finally come up with something to call that icky mess running down your legs.