Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What a load of crap

I listened to the President’s speech Tuesday night on the radio as I was driving.  I heard it a second time in the hotel room I spent the night in.  It was a total load of crap. 
I wonder when it is going to dawn on Barack that when he rails against the abuses of the last “decade” that nearly two of those years now belong to him.  I wonder if he will stop blaming folks like Dick Cheney and Halliburton now that we found out that if BP had followed the Halliburton plan, we might not have had this problem. 
Barack looked a little peaked today – maybe it is dawning on him that being an adult is pretty hard sometimes.  He didn’t understand before that most people don’t screw up because they want to, but rather because they fall short of a laudable goal.  However socialists like Barack and his band screw up because they are pursuing the wrong goal the wrong way. 
I’ll tell you – I might have to generate some sympathy for old Barack except that he wanted this job.  He fought for this job and he cheated to get this job.  I wonder who he is going to blame for that?  Bill Ayers?  Jeremiah Wright?  David Axlerod?  Chris Matthews?  Michelle Obama?  I mean think about it – is there any doubt in your mind that Hilary Clinton would have done a much better job on the oil spill than Barack Obama?  I can’t stand Hillary Clinton.  I don’t agree with her on anything (we might share the same opinion of Bill Clinton though) but it’s hard to see how she could have been a worse President than Barack Obama has proven to be.  She could definitely give him man-up lessons.   
I’ll bet that when the White House is turned over to its new occupant in 2013 the happiest person on the planet will be Barack Hussein Obama.  Maybe he should think of resigning.  If Barrack turned the White House over to Joe Biden, we wouldn’t get anything done, but Joe would give us all plenty of comic relief. 
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  1. You should just let it out and stop sugar coating your inner feelings. Nice essay!