Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Don’t Worry – They’re In Charge

I watched Obama administration Energy and Climate Change Czar Carol Browner on the news again today.  She pointed out that “BP has a financial interest in keeping the [oil] flow rate numbers low.”  Really?  And don’t left wing lunatics like . . . . . well . . . . Carol Browner have a specific interest in making oil flow rates appear unusually high?  Sort of like what her fellow Global Warming lunatics did to temperature studies to indicate that the World’s climate was warming when it really wasn’t.  Right now, knowing what we know about the Global Warming hoax shouldn’t the very fact that you believe in Global Warming (like Secretary of Energy Steven Chu) eliminate you from consideration for a serious adult job? 

I mean think about it – would you higher a teacher to teach geography if he believed that the World was flat?  Would you vote for a guy who believed in the theories of Marx and Lenin when socialism has been so thoroughly discredited?  Oh wait – we just did that in 2008 didn’t we?!? 

I did wonder however at Browner’s insistence that they are “in charge” and that she and fruitcake Secretary Chu are issuing orders to BP.  That doesn’t engender confidence in me.  That’s like putting Ronald McDonald in charge of the obese children’s lunch program – “Super Fries anyone?” Can you imagine what it is like for real scientists and engineers at BP to have to explain to a nut-case like Chu (a guy who said we could stem Global Warming by painting the roofs and roads lighter colors) a complex procedure going on a mile beneath the surface of the water?  I think that the last time I had such a challenge it was explaining why you don’t stick crap in a wall outlet to a two year old 

Can you imagine BP trying to explain the origin of their flow figures to the environmental Nazis?  Chu and his cronies probably started with the Exxon Valdez disaster oil volume, doubled it, and then divided it by the number of days they were given to boost President Obama’s sagging ratings.  Then they probably threw in a few of those “tricks” that the Global Warming gurus at East Anglia are famous for rather than determine the actual flow at the pipe.  

Knowing that Interior Secretary Ken Salazar has “his boot on the neck” of BP, that roof and road painter Secretary of Energy Steven Chu is in the middle of the decision process, and that socialist climate alarmist Energy and Climate Change Czar Carol Browner has been “in charge” since “day one” doesn’t make me optimistic about success. 

Conservative Resistance – Day 574
Day until we can vote for adults to be in charge – 154

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