Monday, June 7, 2010

Let Dick Cheney Do It

After much reflection, I have a bipartisan solution guaranteed to save the Obama Administration and fix the Gulf Oil spill.  The President should swallow his pride and call former Vice President Dick Cheney to the White House.  He should ask Cheney to “Plug the damn hole.”  For this to work, Obama must support Cheney with the full authority and power of his office.  This will not only allow Cheney to solve the problem but it will provide President Obama an example of what a leader looks like and how a leader attacks a real catastrophe.  Oh I know that Obama and everyone close to him hate Cheney, but Obama isn’t going to solve this problem on his own.  Cheney has the executive experience, the temperament, and the contacts in industry and the military to coordinate the effort.  Obama doesn’t have anyone like him in his inner circle and of course none of the cabinet secretaries have the skills, experience, or intellect to tackle this problem.  Best of all, if Cheney can’t get the leak fixed, Obama will have someone he already hates to conveniently blame.  I mean he can’t blame George W. Bush for everything. 
If Dick Cheney accepts the task, to assure that he can focus on solving the problem and not waste effort sorting out government turf battles Obama should tell Steven Chu, Carol Browner, Janet Napolitano, and Ken Salazar to butt out.   Order them to stay in their respective offices and come up with 8-10 new and unusual things to do with the paper clips in the top drawer of their desks.  He should strictly prohibit them from addressing the Press or making any effort at all to solve the oil leak (that shouldn’t be hard for them as they haven’t done anything yet to help).  This should provide a clear playing field for Cheney to solve the problem.  In a few months the President should accept the resignations of Chu, Browner, Napolitano, and Salazar.  Then President Obama should ask Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker of the House John Boehner for recommended replacements that they can work with.  That could be President Obama’s second honestly bipartisan act as President. 
Conservative Resistance – Day 580