Tuesday, August 11, 2009

You Da Man Now

A good friend of mine was in a convenience store the other day and heard a couple of guys at the front of the store railing against “the Man.” He grabbed a twelve-pack of beer and headed for the front of the store where he was confronted by two young black men who had been the source of the stream of complaints about “the Man.” He pointed out that “the Man” was now one of their own, indeed it was Barack Hussein Obama and he was President. The two men were stunned by the revelation.

I wonder if that same revelation is starting to dawn on “the Man” himself perched now at the top of the heap. For the first time in his 48 years Barack Obama is actually responsible for a large variety of things and there will be consequences to every one of his actions whether good or bad. These consequences range from the ridicule he received over wearing “Mom jeans” to a baseball game to the current outrage over the proposed takeover of the Health Care industry. President Obama and the Pelosi led House of Representatives along with the Harry Reid led Senate are now the “establishment.” Finally, they must feel like the piñata at a Cinco de Mayo party and they should. Now he knows how they made George Bush feel.

You see, about one third of the American electorate voted for a guy that they believed to be a conservative democrat (though that is a bit of an oxymoron). What they got was the bogeyman that Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Mark Levin had been warning everybody about. What the Obama administration is facing now is the third of the people who voted against him and the third of the people who didn’t go to the polls and just woke the hell up. The American people are mad and I am sure that Barack Obama is completely astounded.

You better get used to being the National piñata – we have just begun to fight.

Conservative Resistance – Day 281

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