Friday, August 28, 2009

So Long Ted, Good Riddance

It might just be me, but it seems like a large number of people who should have died a helluva long time ago, seem to be dying lately. If somehow Mary Jo Kopechne had of gotten out of that car in Chappaquiddick Creek in 1969 instead of drunken frat-boy Teddy Kennedy, the world would have been a much better place. I don’t say that because of the vile, lying, cheating, despicable character Kennedy proved to be; but rather because he was consistently on the wrong side of every single government action throughout his political life. He left wreckage, waste, and excess in his wake that diminished the quality of all our lives. He kept millions trapped in poverty, gave cover to abortionists who murdered tens of millions, and he squandered trillions in tax dollars. He helped create or protect the time bombs that all these various government programs proved to be. He squandered the political legacy of brothers JFK and Bobby. It was JFK who said “a rising tide lifts all boats” and cut our taxes and of course Bobby cut his teeth in combating government corruption by working for Senator Joe McCarthy combating communists.
His unspeakably vicious attacks on good men of character like Robert Bork, Samuel Alito, and so many others were despicable. He and cohorts like Joe Biden lowered the bar of civility in the Senate to unheard of depths. All this “reach across the aisle” business is just so much crap. What Kennedy sought repeatedly was the Trojan Horse of government invasion into our daily lives that is destroying our Nation. For those on the right who cooperated with him – the term “useful idiots” comes to mind. As one writer said recently, Ted Kennedy was the “poster-boy for term limits.” Of course the final indignity that Kennedy foisted on the American public is not a Health Care disaster, but rather the leadership disaster that is President Barack Obama whose campaign became a juggernaut with the endorsement of the fawning Kennedy clan.
Rather than showering Ted Kennedy with accolades because of his big heart, I keep looking at the results of his failed policies and discredited political philosophy. Everything that Ted Kennedy fought for failed – everything. Yet he will be remembered as the “Liberal Lion of the Senate.” More 1984 style double-speak from the left – more like “Liberal Lyin’.”
Now the final insult, they are going to bury him in the midst of actual American heroes in Arlington Cemetery – disgusting. I wouldn’t be surprised if the ground erupted and spit out his disgusting remains.
Conservative Resistance – Day 298

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