Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mary Jo Kopechne Rest In Peace

There will be more than enough people celebrating the life of Senator Ted Kennedy today, so I will remember an innocent that died at his hands – Mary Jo Kopechne (1940-1969). I hope that Mary Jo and her parents were there at the Pearly Gates to watch them get slammed in Teddy Kennedy’s face. Teddy Kennedy was a despicable person and his actions the night that he killed Mary Jo Kopechne were particularly vile. While Mary Jo was drowning, Teddy was planning the cover-up. You can rest in peace now Mary Jo – that particular Kennedy is getting what is due to him now.

I will not miss Ted Kennedy and America doesn’t need him. I’m glad he is through embarrassing his (first) wife and the remainder of his family. Ted Kennedy actively worked to ruin this country – God may forgive him – I will not.

Conservative Resistance – Day 296

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