Friday, March 2, 2012

Fund Razing

From Today's The Washington Times; Inside the Beltway:  Fund Razing

"President Obama has just hosted his 100th fundraiser in less than a year, according to a count by the ever-vigilant Republican National Committee, which has tracked the phenomenon across multiple news reports. The committee has done all the math to reveal that if Mr. Obama spends an average of two hours at each event, that equals 200 hours — or “five work weeks”.

The committee also notes certain events have not reached the 100 mark during the same time period, pointing out the president made 55 speeches on the economy, met 25 times with secretaries of defense Leon E. Panetta or Robert M. Gates, and held 22 meetings each with Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Mr. Obama also held 11 town halls and five news conferences, delivered three speeches on energy and three on housing, and held two joint White House meetings with Congressional leaders of both parties. Oh, and there were zero meetings with the anti-deficit super committee.

 “While Obama was out on his fundraising blitz, Americans suffered the consequences,” the committee proclaims in retrospect, adding that the unemployment rate has averaged 9.2 percent, and the national debt has increased by $1,194,586,498,473.80 since the president’s fundraising push began."

I guess the rest of us just have to fend for ourselves.   


  1. All the while, he proclaims to be "for the common man" and people believe him.

    1. Right,

      . . . and he is building a bigger and bigger constituency every day with our money.

  2. Good post,CS. As you know,I don't have much love for the RNC. What would REALLY be nice to see is the RNC as concerned about who WE are going to have to actually RUN against Obama instead of focusing on crap we already KNOW.

    1. Clyde,

      The RNC can't catch a break - if they stay out of the primary fray they catch hell from one side. Meanwhile the other side is accusing them of foisting Mitt Romney on us.

      They are keeping up a pretty good peppering of Obama.

  3. CS- Great post. Maybe, just maybe, word will start getting out about how big of a piece of S##t this man is. I did my part last night at our Union meeting. If Obama loses 1 vote because of my rant, then it was worth it.

  4. Johnny,

    Well done - I hope you and the rest of your union brothers can stop fueling the President's (democrat's) attack on our liberty and prosperity.

    You might enjoy this editorial from yesterday's The Washington Times: