Saturday, March 3, 2012

100 Fundraisers Later, What Did Obama Forget?

Good companion to my post from yesterday:


  1. Now THAT'S entertainment! Good for the GOP. Short, to the point and snazzy music. Great find, CS.

  2. Mrs. AL,

    Thank you.

    It is amazing when you think about it that we are engaged in four different wars (Iraq, Afghanistan, Uganda, and Libya) and have active international problems that could easily require military intervention (Iran, North Korea, Syria, etc.) yet the temporary occupant of the White House has held four times as many fund raisers than meetings with his Secretary of Defense.

    Makes one wonder exactly what are we paying this guy for?

  3. I hope the GOP bombards the abc airwaves with videos like this after the convention.

    Obama's own actions, or lack thereof, should be enough fodder for our guy. We've had an absentee president for over 3 years now with an abysmal record.