Thursday, April 7, 2011

Military Tribunals vs. Federal Court System

After entirely too long, the Attorney General of the Unites States made the decision that should have been made years ago.  Terrorist mastermind Khalid Shaikh Mohammed (KSM) will be tried in Guantanamo Bay rather than New York City.  Now our military will no doubt suffer in relative silence the absurd categorizations that will be made by the left about the fairness of a military tribunal. 

How does a military tribunal stack up against a Federal Court?  I can tell you that having been part of and subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice system for nearly 40% of my life; I prefer it to the civilian justice system.  The military system is faster and has built in reviews to ensure fairness.  Most importantly all the positions in the military justice system from Judge, to jury are populated by people of honor and integrity.  That is unless a defendant introduces a civilian lawyer into the fray. 

The military doesn’t necessarily believe that everyone has the right to be found innocent.  We reserve that right for people who actually are innocent.  O.J. Simpson wouldn’t have walked free after murdering two people had he been subjected to military justice for example.  The jury for KSM will be made up of brave military officers of maturity and intelligence who will fairly and impartially try the accused.   

Military officers believe that if you are accused of murder you deserve a first class trial.  We also believe that if you are guilty of murder you deserve a first class hanging.   

Constitution and National Security, The        Pocket Constitution (Text from the U.S. Bicentennial Commission Edition)


  1. Sometimes not necessarily in that order.

  2. Another good article Bill. Thanks for enlightening people. I'm a movie buff - Kim and I often quote movie lines to each other at appropriate times - and it reminds of the movie "Silverado". The same line was used in that movie ... "Now we're gonna give you a fair trail, followed by a first class hanging". I do wish our civilian justice system would get up to speed on this rather than to continue to sway the way of the bleeding heart left.

  3. Thank you all - this is just another indication of how warped our "Justice" system has become. Hitler's henchmen were indicted and trials began within months of the end of WWII at Nurenberg and they were hanged in 1946. KSM and his fellow barbarians deserved nothing less.