Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Get it over with and Kill Qaddafi (Gadhafi, Kaddafi, whatever)

I love watching the news that NATO dropped a couple of bombs into Kaddafi’s compound and then they swore that they weren’t trying to kill Kaddafi.  Why the hell not? 

Kaddafi has maintained his rank, wears a uniform, and is the leader of his military.  Makes you wonder why he doesn’t promote himself – but I digress.  We can kill him without remorse and without breaking any rules. 

Remember Admiral Yamamoto in World War II?  The architect of Japanese Naval strategy to include the attack on Pearl Harbor was intentionally targeted by American aircraft and killed while being flown to an advanced base.  Righteous kill. 

During the First Gulf War it was determined by Pentagon lawyers that Saddam Hussein was a legitimate target (wore a uniform, leader of his country’s military, and carried a weapon).  In retrospect – don’t you wish we would have killed him in 1991?  We still may have had to enter Iraq later, but sending Saddam Hussein to hell 15 years earlier would have been a good thing. 

It’s okay NATO – take him out.  The world will be a better place without him.  

The American Way of War: A History of United States Military Strategy and Policy 


  1. Amigo,

    Exactly my sentiments! I'll set out a tear bucket for him.

  2. Kim Jong Il also fits those criteria. Imanutjob doesn't wear a uniform, but I'm pretty sure he's in some Secret Squirrel unit. With a little creative marketing, we should be able to justify the removal of Chavez too.

  3. Don't get greedy now 10th - were we to take out Ka-daffy I think the other barbarians will get the message too.