Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Defund Propaganda

The Honorable Rob Wittman, 

Congratulations on your big win this past Election Day.  I can’t tell you how happy my wife and I are to be represented by you.  I was serious when we met that I expect you and the rest of the Republicans to make defunding this Federal monstrosity your top priority.  

I believe that one place to start is to halve the propaganda budgets of all Federal agencies.  I am astounded at the sheer number of commercials, flyers, mailers, and print ads that are produced by the Federal government.  In particular if I hear Andy Griffith lauding “that new health care law” on television again, I just might scream. 
If the Surgeon General wants to warn me about the approach of cold and flu season, I can see where that might be of some benefit.  At the same time, CVS Pharmacies, WalMart, and any number of other commercial enterprises are crowding out that message with the offer of flu shots for $24.95 and no waiting.  

I think that there is a fine line between information and propaganda under the current administration.  The most blatant example of course is the millions that were spent on signs to proclaim that various road projects were the result of the Federal Stimulus package.  I think that a reduction of government propaganda should include defunding National Public Radio and Television as well.  Please include all the Byzantine backroom methods of funneling funds to that propaganda arm as well.  

It seems like this would be a fairly simple and effective way of reducing part of the Federal budget.   Personally, I wouldn’t worry about a surgical approach – use an ax.  

Kindest Regards, 

Broke: The Plan to Restore Our Trust, Truth and Treasure 

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