Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Just How Committed?

I grew up in a Republican household.  While my father was preoccupied with work my homemaker mother was the political fireball.  She went to school board meetings, attended rallies and protests; she was a precinct captain and the president of her county Republican women’s club.  Now in her 80’s she is still active in the Republican Party manning the phones and attending meetings.  People like my mother have been fighting for this country in the political trenches their entire lives.  To all the people who are finally mad, who are yelling about Christine O’Donnell, and waving Gadsen flags – I say: “Welcome, it’s about damn time.”  

Though Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid have put us on a rocket sled to disaster, conservatives working almost exclusively within the Republican Party have been fighting this battle for nearly a century.  Nothing that the Obama/Pelosi/Reid axis is pushing is new.  The slide into socialism began under President Wilson (D), accelerated under President Franklin Roosevelt (D), and moved into overdrive under President Lyndon Johnson (D).  President Jimmy Carter (D) previewed Obama-nation as malaise gripped America and it took the Contract with America and a Republican Congress to prevent President Clinton (D) from being the second coming of Carter.  Now we have the natural result of the excess of the 1960’s blossom in Saul Alinsky’s acolyte President Barack Obama (D). 

For those of you who are newly awakened and say that we Republicans didn’t do enough – you are right.  However had we stuck together in past elections we wouldn’t have had a Mike Castle in Delaware in the first place.  If you get in the boat now and help us row we can fix this mess today.  If you exhibit the same level of commitment as my Mother has for over 50 years and you help us knock on doors, phone bank, and contribute to Republican candidates – we can win our country back.  If all this anger doesn’t translate into phone calls, door knocks, and campaign contributions – it will be all for naught.  Just how committed are you and how long will it last?   

Give Us Liberty: A Tea Party Manifesto 

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  1. God bless your mother!

    Imagine, if you had a different one, you might have become a lefty and life would have sucked. You would have joined some leftist group, joined a commune, become an SEIU thug, voted for Obama... who knows!

    You better call her tonight and thank her. :)