Monday, August 27, 2012

The Whole Truth on Obamacare


  1. I've said it a million times, obamacare isn't and never was about "care". It's about power plain and simple.
    Medicare / why would the democrats need to craft something Orwellian to interfere with EVERYONE'S healthcare when insuring the supposed uninsured could be remedied by a simple change in the eligability criteria of those two programs already in place?

    Hmmm a 1/2 page rewrite of eligability criteria or, a thousand pages of added government controlls over the populace in the one area besides food that is a life and death issue.

    The Dems chose to chase stronger government power and fed their socialist urges under the guise of "caring" about the poor.

    When I was young and know...poor!
    I still gave a damned about my liberty and unwanted intrusions by the government.

    The dems have a history of thinking that poor people don't care about their freedoms as long as they're getting something for free.
    They might find out the hard way that not every poor person is a pawn to their politics and, nor do they welcome government bondage any more than the rich do.

  2. CS- Good to see you checking in Brother. Good post, I'll have to check that site out. How is everything going with the "Good Fight"

    1. Johnny,

      We are winning from what I can see. People are angry.

  3. Good one. That we're being taxed for 2 years BEFORE any benefits happen is reason enough for rebellion!

  4. There is an ad claiming Romney is taking away our "choices" --BUNK--the real culprit IS Obummercare crafted by Big Brother and his chronies. This election is truly about direction-the rocks of ruin or freedom---I choose the later-good post Common sense--come on by--I have a new post too.

  5. Not only that CS they will VOTE! People are finding out the facts the LAMEstream media is failing to tell them and this november they will vote accordingly. CHANGE is coming and it is not the kind the Democrapps are thinking.